/New Whitehorse mixed-use building with affordable rental units opens

New Whitehorse mixed-use building with affordable rental units opens

Wednesday saw the official opening of a new mixed-use building in Whitehorse, which has 45 rental units. It is designed to provide affordable housing for vulnerable persons and those with disabilities

The Cornerstone Community Building’s rental units, located at 7 Avenue and Main Street corner, is already occupied.

Opportunities Yukon is a non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities become active and independent. The project has been in development since 2016.

Jillian Hardie is the organization’s executive director. She said that the official opening was a fulfillment of her dreams.

“You know, there was always the dream, and a lot prayers were put into it, and yes, did I ever believe that this wasn’t going be possible? Hardie said that there were times when it wasn’t.

She stated that it was possible because of the support of the community. Affordable housing is still a problem

She said that affordable housing is still a problem in Whitehorse despite the 45 new rental units.

“The demand is immense. There are currently 150 people on our waiting list. Hardie stated that Yukon Housing also has a large waiting list and sees the need in our community.

Tamara Perzan, a tenant in this new building, has been involved from the beginning with the housing project.

“Cornerstone is able to accomplish amazing things because of her personal experience with mobility barriers and employment. She said, “This will be a turning moment for many people here at the Yukon.”

She said that there will be many different support for those who make the new building their home.

The Government of Canada contributed more than $15.1 million to this project, while Yukon contributed $7.6 millions and Whitehorse contributed $1million.